Fees, Forms, and Policies


Regular Fees: My standard fee is $180 per hour for individuals and couples, and $60 per person for group sessions, which normally last two hours.

Depending on your personal and financial circumstances, I sometimes charge a lower fee. If more than one session per week is agreed upon, or we need longer sessions, I will work out a financial arrangement with you that works for both of us.

Insurance Benefits

Psychotherapy is often covered in full or in part by your health insurance or Employee Assistance Plan (EAP). I am a provider contracted with many health insurance companies. If your insurance is one of these, you will have to pay only your copayment and deductible (if any). My office staff will call your insurance and find out the details, and we will take care of the billing for you. If I am not a provider for your health insurance, I will attempt to get reimbursement as an out-of-network provider, or assist you in getting reimbursed by your insurance.

If you are using insurance benefits, you are still responsible for any unpaid charges. Any insurance arrangement is tentative until we actually receive payment from them. (Getting insurance reimbursement can sometimes be difficult.)

Payment: We normally bill monthly for copayments or fees. We accept cash; checks: personal, corporate, or issued by your bank; or Paypal.

Office Policies


What you say to me, as well as the fact that we have a therapeutic relationship, is confidential. I will not reveal any information about you unless I have your written permission to do so. Legally, I am mandated by law, to report to the appropriate authorities if I believe that you are dangerous to yourself or to others; or if I have a reasonable suspicion to believe that child abuse is occurring.

Cancellations and vacations

Therapy works best when we adhere to a regular schedule; most clients have weekly sessions.

Once we make an appointment (including regular standing appointments), you will be charged for that appointment whether you attend it or not, unless you notify me at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. If you are unable to keep an appointment (due to illness, work, etc.), and cancel it less than a day in advance, please expect to pay for the missed appointment, as I have reserved the hour for you and am not always able to fill it with another client on short notice. If you are aware of your need to cancel an appointment with enough advance notice, I will try to reschedule the session at another time. Please also let me know of any vacation plans you may have as early as possible.


You can leave me a message 24 hours a day on my voice mail at 510-327-2110. I check it every day at least once. If you leave me a message, I will return your call as soon as possible (usually on the same day.)


You can download and complete these forms before our first session in order to expedite the process.


Please download, print, and read the following disclosures before our first scheduled appointment. These are legal disclosures that are required to be read and signed by you before we start our therapy.

Intake Form

To make best use of our time during our first session, please download the following forms and fill in as much as you can, and bring them with you to our first session.

Release Form

In case you have been working with another mental health professional or a psychiatrist in the past and would like me to consult with them. I will need the following release form filled and signed by you.